Proven Chemicals

We Specialise in Application Technology – From Correct Product Selection Through to Effective On-site Use.

Whether in the laboratory or during field work, Rheochem tests and perfects through the practical application of our specialised knowledge.  

Chemical Range

The Rheochem chemical range includes:

Common Uses for Our Chemicals

If you use any water-based system, your company could benefit from our effective and high-quality chemicals.

Below are the primary examples of uses for Rheochem chemicals:

Conventional Water Treatment

Our range of custom-developed polymer blends are used in the clarification of drinking water, providing clients with cost effective solutions. 'Straight' organic and inorganic polymers of all types form part of the range.

Water Recycling

Water recycling plays an essential role in preserving one of the earth’s most important resources. We, at Rheochem, offer the expertise necessary to ensure that water recycling is carried out effectively and safely. Not only do we supply chemicals to aid in water recycling - we also employ a team of trained personnel for the operation of small to medium sized industrial water recycling plants.

Reverse Osmosis

We offer a full spectrum of specialised products to cover all Reverse Osmosis needs, including anti-scalants, biocides, cleaners and even top-quality RO Membranes. Our computerised programme selects anti-scalants based on specific parameters, and can also be used as a means of optimising dosage rates, ensuring the best-possible protection of valuable RO Membranes.

Sugar Industry

Rheochem have extensive experience in the sugar production sector and offer a full array of process chemicals. Sound application technology helps our team to maintain a position as a leading supplier of sugar clarification flocculants, decolorisation aids and enzymes, amongst other specialised products.

General Factory

All factories that make use of water in various processes can benefit from our products and services. Included in our associated offerings are cooling and boiler water treatment chemicals, as well as waste water treatment/recycling chemicals.

Power Generation

The specialised demands of the power generation industry call for a water treatment supplier capable of providing top quality chemicals and exceptional service. Our team at Rheochem has gained an excellent reputation in this regard. We provide all chemicals relevant to the power generation process. These include coagulants, flocculants, cooling water and ash-line anti-scalants, biocides, and RO chemicals.

Commercial and Domestic

In the commercial and domestic sectors, we are predominantly concerned with the effective sanitisation of stored water and the treatment of water-cooled air conditioning (common in hotels, apartment buildings and office blocks). Our capabilities also extend to the treatment of liquid effluent originating from commercial and domestic activities.

Municipal Waste Water

For over 25 years, Rheochem has been a supplier of effective sludge dewatering flocculants to municipal waste water treatment plants. More recently, we have begun promoting bio-augmentation products that enhance the biological processes essential to the breakdown of organic waste.

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Our chemicals are all produced in factories that are committed to the highest standards in safety, health, environmental care, risk mitigation and quality. If you have any questions regarding our products, you are welcome to contact us.