Rheochem Water treatmentRheochem is a supplier of speciality water treatment and process chemicals. We offer a diverse product range and add value to our customers' operations through our exceptional technical support service.

Since the company was established in 1993, Rheochem has experienced significant growth. In-house technical knowledge and experience, the backing of world-class manufacturers and a company philosophy of always prioritising customers' needs, has ensured our ongoing success. Our technological resources enable us to provide excellent and innovative customer support.  By the provision of sound application technology Rheochem ensures the efficient performance of our products. Quality, in terms of both product and service, is a priority.

In summary the Rheochem product range includes:

• Surface and borehole drinking water treatment chemicals (polymers and disinfectants)

• Industrial effluent treatment chemicals

• Sewage dewatering flocculants

• Sugar clarification flocculants, decolourisation agents, filter aids, biocides and  enzymes

• Mining coagulants, flocculants and thickening agents

• Cooling and boiler water chemicals

• Biocides for use in a wide spectrum of applications

• Gas chlorine

• Specialised equipment